love poems for her

i wish i could help him
to be a better lover for you
he’s a good man
and ultimately a much better partner
than i

if only we could get him
to think about your needs
instead of trying to impress you

maybe he could learn
how to give a decent hug
or how to make you breakfast and clean up
or how to talk to you
as if what you have to say
is the most important thing that anyone has ever said

every moment

when you whisper in my ear
and i feel your neck against my nose
and your smell is a part of everything in my brain
when our skin is touching

when we don’t need to talk
and you want to hear me anyway

when your softness surrounds me

when the waterfalls all flow out to space
and the snow is everywhere in the streets

when the sparkles
leak out of our bodies
and we can’t remember our names