how to win her smile

there are many ways to get her to smile
many rules that you must remember
but it’s actually very simple to do

  • be totally awesome
  • exercise
  • eat healthy
  • have a great sense of humor
  • be comfortable
  • look her in the eye
  • don’t mess around
  • consider her needs
  • make yourself important
  • groom yourself really well
  • wear nice clothing
  • smell good
  • be wealthy
  • cook well
  • have many friends
  • don’t want anything

The more awesome that you are, the more likely you will achieve her smile.  It’s really the most awesome achievement in love.  A laugh.  A smile.  That time when you wanted to talk to her and she called you.  Those are the awesome things.

In order to really get that smile.  You need to be unscripted.  Unrehearsed.  Off the cuff.  Spontaneous.  Interactive, and light.

you are beautiful

so perfectly human
you walk amongst mere mortals
like an angel
surrounded by light
and clothed in white feathers
and gold

you smile
and everything is alive

even your name
makes me think
what is love?
and how it moves me
like a puppet

and how can it be true
that you own me completely
and you don’t even know

nothing makes sense

it’s like a sweet insanity
when we’re together

we’re both crazy
and nothing makes sense
yet everything is perfect

and i just want to see you smile
and hear your laugh

sweet love

remember when
it was so simple
i like you
you like me
we like each other

we had fun
and frolicked
and played
like children

as if we were in love

romantic quotes

  • i love the way you smell
  • you really know me
  • your eyes are incredibly beautiful
  • your soul entrances me
  • you are exactly what i have always wanted
  • you meet all my emotional needs
  • when you are in my arms, i forget about everything else
  • i can’t stop thinking about nibbling on your ears
  • i’ve been thinking about you all day
  • you remind me of flowers
  • your skin electrifies me
  • every day i feel like our souls are closer

love for you

when you are here
it is easy to love you
the wind is clear
the birds chirp pensively
every step brings us closer
to where we are going

I hold your hand
and you guide me
through the parking lot
of life

The children play
and yell
and scream
about the insanity of existence
and the ducks
are always talking some nonsense
about nothing at all.

And somehow we just know
that it’s our love
behind it all.