love poems for her

i wish i could help him
to be a better lover for you
he’s a good man
and ultimately a much better partner
than i

if only we could get him
to think about your needs
instead of trying to impress you

maybe he could learn
how to give a decent hug
or how to make you breakfast and clean up
or how to talk to you
as if what you have to say
is the most important thing that anyone has ever said

where are you?

it’s been ages
but you’re still a part of my soul

like a flaw in a perfect diamond

it makes me shimmer

and life goes on

the water echoes and splashes
and the light refracts all around us
and somehow it’s just the magic of god
or some network of infinite laws
that surpass our ability to explain
with mere words

and we’re still just people

crazy crazy crazy people