how to win her smile

there are many ways to get her to smile
many rules that you must remember
but it’s actually very simple to do

  • be totally awesome
  • exercise
  • eat healthy
  • have a great sense of humor
  • be comfortable
  • look her in the eye
  • don’t mess around
  • consider her needs
  • make yourself important
  • groom yourself really well
  • wear nice clothing
  • smell good
  • be wealthy
  • cook well
  • have many friends
  • don’t want anything

The more awesome that you are, the more likely you will achieve her smile.  It’s really the most awesome achievement in love.  A laugh.  A smile.  That time when you wanted to talk to her and she called you.  Those are the awesome things.

In order to really get that smile.  You need to be unscripted.  Unrehearsed.  Off the cuff.  Spontaneous.  Interactive, and light.

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