a deep breath
is exactly what you need
to lift your spirits
and regain your focus.

a good workout
is exactly what you need
to break your conundrum
and find a way through

a drink of water
is what you need
to cleans your soul
and find a better way

your love is a dream

I keep walking
and going about my business,
but I’m somehow lighter
like there’s clouds in my pockets.

I don’t know why,
you don’t even exist,
and clouds must be angel farts,
and you’re an angel.

your face is like candy
and i bet you smell
a little bit like people
and a little bit like flowers.

Is it wrong
for me to think that you’re beautiful,
just because you shared your smile with me?

resting on me my love

when it’s late at night my love
and you’ve fallen asleep
with your head on my chest

i just look at you
and stroke your hair
and think about how beautiful you are
and how glad i am
that i can admire you
like a beautiful sculpture
of a beautiful sleeping woman

love poems for her

i wish i could help him
to be a better lover for you
he’s a good man
and ultimately a much better partner
than i

if only we could get him
to think about your needs
instead of trying to impress you

maybe he could learn
how to give a decent hug
or how to make you breakfast and clean up
or how to talk to you
as if what you have to say
is the most important thing that anyone has ever said

how to win her smile

there are many ways to get her to smile
many rules that you must remember
but it’s actually very simple to do

  • be totally awesome
  • exercise
  • eat healthy
  • have a great sense of humor
  • be comfortable
  • look her in the eye
  • don’t mess around
  • consider her needs
  • make yourself important
  • groom yourself really well
  • wear nice clothing
  • smell good
  • be wealthy
  • cook well
  • have many friends
  • don’t want anything

The more awesome that you are, the more likely you will achieve her smile.  It’s really the most awesome achievement in love.  A laugh.  A smile.  That time when you wanted to talk to her and she called you.  Those are the awesome things.

In order to really get that smile.  You need to be unscripted.  Unrehearsed.  Off the cuff.  Spontaneous.  Interactive, and light.

i have a crush on you

you don’t really know me
and i don’t know you

i hope to meet you
one day
and to be able
to say something witty
and cute

and then to say something interesting
that sparks your interest
and opens up the space between us
for comfortable conversation

but it’s so much more difficult
when i already feel this emotion

and i don’t know you

i love love love you

it may seem silly
but it’s true
it doesn’t make sense
and i just don’t care

when we’re walking
i want to hold your hand
when we’re talking on the phone
i think about you

and i love the way that your smile
turns down at the corners
like you’re not really happy
but you totally are

love poem to girlfriend

i love the little tiny hairs
on your neck
and i love the way that you giggle
when they touch my lips

and the smell of the place
behind your ear
is absolute insanity
inside my brain

being your lover
is electric
and soft and delicate

and your toes taste
absolutely amazing

sorry love poem

if you knew what was in my heart,
you would have been happy
to know
but you didn’t
and maybe that’s why
it just didn’t work out for us.

but you’re still a part of my soul
and your love is a big part of who I am today
and those rare times when I allow myself to remember you
I remember the good times that we shared
and what an incredible person you are